Photography has been my favorite form of self-expression since I received my first camera when I was six. That camera became the impetus for exploration. I continue to develop my composition and technical skills, and am ever cognoscent of the necessity to constantly improve these treasured talents.

There are many photo galleries on this site. The galleries are grouped by period, event, location, or similarity in subject or technique. For the most part, the galleries are posted to the site chronologically; however, some galleries continue to grow.

Some of the images in past galleries were taken with my Palm Treo 650, which explains why the quality of the image – especially the color, contrast, and sharpness – is lacking. I then moved to a Leica D-LUX 3, which takes wonderful pictures but lacks the control and usability found on higher-model digital SLR cameras. I’m now shooting with a Nikon D90 and loving it.

To browse the galleries simply search through the photography category, or browse the gallery tag.

Photographs For Sale

Select images are for sale via RedBubble If you see an image on this site that isn’t available via RedBubble, please contact me, and I’ll add it to RedBubble.