A lot of learning going on

Another prop to occupy my time

It’s been a few years since I updated my blog. A lot has happened since August 25, 2014. In the 4 years and 6 months since the last post I’ve moved, started a new job, and had another child. Suffice it to say, it’s been a busy time.

So, besides all that life, what else have I been up to? To summarize in one phrase: I’ve been learning. I’ve been using the last few years to dig down and examine all facets of myself – how I act, react, think, and communicate – in all areas of my life, personal and professional. It’s been an exciting time of rediscovery, rethinking, and growth.

I think, therefore I am

What keen insights have I taken away from all of this reflective discovery? First, I’m not perfect (not that I ever thought I was). Second, in all things, I can be better, and that will never change. Third, it’s important to triage where you spend the improvement tokens that life doles out.

I don’t know whether I’ll be posting more often, and if I do, what I’ll post about. I hope to be able to blog somewhat regularly on interesting technical and business-related topics. Whether that can be accomplished will have to be seen.

I guess it all depends on how I want to spend my tokens.