Java Programming with Boston University

Soon, I’ll begin my second course as part of the Boston University Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems program. The previous course was a combination of calculus and statistics, a good foundation for the rest of the program. Now, I’m moving on to programming – specifically Java.

The last time I took a programming class was almost 15 years ago, and that was in Turbo Pascal. Since then I’ve taught myself some basic “programming” in HTML, PHP, and Java Script. Okay, so not really programming, but at the very least they are computer languages.

I’ve never been “thrilled” by programming, the way some people are. That said, there are elements of it that I very much enjoy. Each project is like a puzzle to solve, and I love puzzles. There’s definitely an art to programming; so, like photography, programming appeals to me in scientific and artistic ways. Plus, at the end, you have something that you, yourself, created.

That said, programming has just never lit my fire. I’ll be interested to see if that’s any different now than it was 15 years ago.