Date Discrepancy

You may be wondering why there is such a big date discrepancy with posts, they seem to jump from 2004 to 2007! Well there’s a good reason for that. I only recently implemented wordpress, which gives me the ability to make quick and easy posts to the site. Before that I had to make changes by hand, which meant that changes were far and few between.

This doesn’t mean that the last change before wordpress was in 2004. When I updated to the new system I took all the old posts from my other site and put them into the new system. In doing so I set the time stamp for each post to the approximate date that they would have been added to my old site.

For instance all of the videos come from college, so none are dated after 2002. I stopped writing movie reviews before I moved to Chicago in ’03. The main updates that I would focus on were to my photo gallery, which was always easy to update.

Of course I can’t guarantee that I’ll be more regular with postings, but hey, at least I made it easier for myself to make updates, and that goes a long way.