The MS CIS: It begins


This month I began my first class on the road to getting my Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems. It’s been 8 years since I’ve been in a learning environment, but I’m falling right back into the swing of it. The biggest difference is, that this time I get to do all my study and homework plus continue with the 9-5.

This first class I’m taking is a refresher course reviewing the basics of computer systems, systems analysis, programming, algebra, databases, and Java. Right now I’m in my third week, finishing a second week of math. So far we’ve covered hardware systems, networks, UML diagrams, PERT charts, and algebra.

Ultimately, after completing the program, I’ll have my MS CIS and will have learned the Project Management Institutes book of knowledge. Then I’ll be able to take the PMI’s project management professional test and get my PMP certificate as well.

I’ve always loved learning, so I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience. It’s a lot of work though. And, when you add in a full time job and a personal life, well… sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day.