Waste time, feed the hungry.

If you need something to pass the time today, check out the Web site Will It Blend.com. There you’ll see videos where Blendtec blenders are puts to the test. Exactly what kinds of things can you see blended? Marbles, magnets, a tape measure, light bulbs, and most recently, an iPhone. These aren’t your average blenders. The Blendtec blenders comes with a 1500 watt motor, which is far above the standard 300-400 watt blenders you’ll find in your average department store. Of course, the $400 price tag is a bit above average also.

Once you’re board watching things get pulverized (or once you’ve watched all the videos) you should definitely check out FreeRice.com, where you can play a game to build your vocabulary. Every time you answer a question correctly a donation of rice is made through the United Nations. You get to play a game, need people get to eat. What a great combination!